Our range of stainless steel exhaust systems can be made to accommodate everyone, from Ford's to Ferrari's. We can build you a sports exhausts system, a standard replacement system, or an exhaust system customised to your exact requirements. All systems come with a life-time warranty and can usually be fitted within 2 hours at our headquarters in Birmingham.

All our remaps are tailored specifically for you and your vehicle. We can either offer an ECU remap, giving guaranteed power and economy, or a full dyno tune session, with graphs and reports to suit. We also offer other ECU related services such as launch control, anti lag systems, and much more.

Just want to know what power you've got, or going for a full dyno remap, we can cater for everyone, with our 4WD Dynocom rolling road here in Birmingham, capable of reading up to 2000hp. We can give horsepower and torque figures at the wheels & flywheel, we can also data log parameters such as boost & air fuel ratio, upon request.


Tiptop Exhausts are leaders in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel exhaust systems, and with over a decade’s worth of experience our craftsmen produce high quality individual exhaust sections, exhaust manifolds, tail pipes, and cat-back to complete exhaust systems.  Your standard exhaust currently contains chambers and baffles within the exhaust boxes which reduces the sound level and the speed at which the gases can travel through the system, by removing these restrictions and fitting a free-flowing system we can improve the sound and performance of your vehicle optimising the exhaust backpressure.


When you bring your vehicle to Tiptop Exhausts one of our highly skilled technicians will discuss your requirements with you and draw upon our unparalleled technical knowledge to ensure you leave with the custom made exhaust that you are looking for.  Our technicians will take into consideration engine capacity and modifications when creating the perfect exhaust system to suit your model and give your car the best exhaust configuration possible.  All our exhaust systems are fabricated in our fully equipped workshop, you can watch the work taking place from the viewing area in our waiting room which can take between 1 - 6 hours depending on the final specification.  

This is the rear part of the exhaust which connects the exhaust system to the tailpipes, its purpose is to quieten the vehicle by slowing down the hot and rapid moving gases which have been produced through combustion.  By opting for a performance exhaust back box we can set it up to produce any sound you desire, you can also upgrade your tailpipes to improve the look of your car, and the design and size of the tailpipes you choose will also modify the sound from your exhaust system as well.

Cat back exhaust systems, also referred to as “middle and rear”, commonly replace everything starting from just behind the catalytic converter.  It is the most frequently chosen exhaust system as it enables the customer to enhance performance and sound without the expense of a new catalytic converter.  A cat back exhaust is available for both single and dual exits, it eliminates the noise cancelling resonator and often uses wider piping with fewer bends to reduce backpressure and in turn improve flow, horsepower and sound.

The downpipe connects the manifold to the catalytic converter and takes any unneeded exhaust gases through the rest of your exhaust system.  By replacing the factory downpipe with better flowing pipework typically wider in diameter you allow the gases to move away more efficiently and more air through the engine.  You can choose to replace this section with a faster flowing sports cat or a de-cat pipe, either way you will feel a clear difference in performance with gains of around 10 to 20 bhp.


Our technicians specialise in the design and manufacture of custom made exhausts and build all of our systems with only the finest 304 stainless steel, using the latest tooling in our state of the art workshop we can fabricate any exhaust system configuration, to meet any requirement, for any vehicle.  Our craftsmanship is second to none and we take great pride in the quality of the work we produce, by choosing a Tiptop exhaust your driving experience will be improved and performance and sound will be enhanced to truly complement your vehicle.


We are a family run business, established in 1995, manufacturing all our exhausts from high grade 304 stainless steel which boasts a far longer lifespan than a standard exhaust.  We are so confident in the quality of our work that we provide a life-time warranty with all of our products, so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of a problem arising in the future you can bring your vehicle into us with your original paperwork and any remedial work will be carried out free of charge.

We have a comprehensive range of over 70 styles including parallel, square, oval, slash cut, and twin tail pipes, made in high quality mirror finish 304 stainless steel for durability. Available in empty solid acoustic or with cone, and perforated tubes fitted to form an acoustic style trim popular in the performance market and also high end applications.

Our range of exhaust silencers are produced in 7 profiles, both oval & round and manufactured in high grade type 304 stainless steel  36" in length and coming with bore sizes up to 76mm (54mm Standard) inlets / outlets to suit your requirements centre-centre, twin-centre etc. Standard 300mm & 400mm length's are kept on the shelf.

Our range of braided exhaust flexi connectors are ideal for use where heat and engine movement is a problem and are able to withstand high temperatures. The Flex connector prevents twisting caused by wear and tear of the exhaust pipework. The main flex unit is made from stainless steel, and the ends are made of aluminised steel for extra corrosion resistance.


An ECU remap will adjust the engine maps in your vehicle’s ECU, these maps are restricted by the manufacturer to limit power and mpg so that they can meet a wide range of regulations and climates across the globe.  As we don't have these limitations, we are able to fine tune your vehicle by safely modifying the power and torque outputs to improve performance.


We house a 4WD Dynocom DC5000 rated to 2000hp on which we have spent countless hours researching and developing our remapping software on many vehicles. All software we supply is produced at Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham in house, by our fully qualified software engineers who are at the forefront of the industry.  You can bring your car into our Headquarters in Birmingham for a Dyno Tune with graph print out, this takes approximately 2 hours and prices start from £299.99.

Our performance remaps optimise the engine settings in your vehicle’s ECU to increase bhp and torque.  This is a software upgrade only, meaning it is all within the power reserves of the engine and requires no hardware modifications, making a performance remap a quick and easy way to gain more power from your vehicle.

By carefully altering the torque settings for your vehicle to require less throttle when accelerating and maintaining steady speeds, we can improve fuel efficiency without affecting stock performance.  The economy remap is most effective for turbo diesel engines and can achieve up to 25% better MPG when the same driving style is used as before the remap.

We can provide pop bang and popcorn limiters for most vehicles up to date, and often we are able to make this function switchable.  Supporting modifications are required before enabling this feature, which a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss with you.


With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the performance industry and a range of exhaust, remapping, DPF and Dyno options available, we can provide you with a tailor made performance pack to meet your exact requirements.  We are able to custom tune vehicles to the finest details and provide evidence of the performance gains achieved with the use of our 4WD Dynocom, so you can rest assured that the gains we quote you are guaranteed when you choose Tiptop.


Our engineers are fully qualifed in the field of vehicle diagnostics, and can find any faults you may have with ease. We have various dealer level diagnostics tools for most vehicle manufacturers and can in many cases perform updates, code in new features and carry out resets. We also have access to large technical databases and vehicle parts information, combined with many years experience in the industry.

If your having problems with the troublesome DPF or just want to get rid of it, we have an option for you. We can either clean, delete or replace the DPF system. We also over DPF services on commercial vehicles too. We will require your vehicle at our headquaters in Birmingham.

We can permanently close the troublesome EGR valve electronically with an ECU remap and delete the related fault codes. We also adjust the relevant engine maps to compensate for this modification and this is covered with a life-time warranty.

We can remove speed limiters from many vehicles up to date, we include this free of charge when you purchase an Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham remap. We can also set speed limiters for fleet and commercial vehicles when required along with an economy remap. 


We are a family run business, established in 1995 when exhaust modification was in its infancy, and since then we have evolved the art of exhaust building to a whole new level.  Our craftsmen have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing custom stainless steel systems for both trade and retail customers from day one.  Along the way we have developed our portfolio to include ECU remapping, DPF removal and dyno time making us the ultimate one stop shop for your car.

Over a decades worth of experience and unparalleled technical knowledge within the performance industry is drawn upon when advising our customers, this enables us to interpret exactly what you want for your car and make it happen.  By combining our expertise with our state of the art diagnostic tools is what truly makes us the choice of the enthusiast.

Our team of dedicated staff share a passion for cars and are driven to be the best at what they do.  This is evident in the quality of their work and the pride they take in the results.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at TIPTOP, and all of our products come with a life-time warranty.

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