We house a 4-wheel drive Dynocom DC5000 rated to 2000hp, on which we have spent countless hours researching and developing our remapping software on many vehicles.  All software we supply is produced by Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham in-house, our software engineers are fully qualified to recalibrate engine maps and are at the forefront of the industry.

Anyone can tell you that they are the best, but few can back up the claims they make.  Our 4-wheel drive Dynocom helps to set us apart from the rest, by developing all of our software on it we are able to custom tune vehicles to the finest details, keep up to speed with engine developments and provide evidence of the performance gains achieved.  We supply our recalibrations to companies throughout Europe and are well known for our reliability and quality of software recalibrations.  So when we say we guarantee our gains, you know we mean it.

You can bring your car into our Headquarters in Birmingham for a Dyno Tune, this takes approximately 2 hours and prices start from £299.99 including your graph print out.


We house a state of the art 4WD Dynocom DC5000 capable of reading up to 2000hp. We offer a full range of services with our rolling road dyno, from simply a power run session, or indepth diagnostics to a full blown rolling road remap, we can do it all! Please see our ECU Remapping page for more infomation on dyno remapping.

1. Warm Up of Vehicle to correct operating temperature, 5 power runs back to back.

2. On request we can monitor Air:Fuel Ratio, Boost Pressure etc. Diagnostic checking available also at an extra cost.

3. We will then review/record the results and then discuss the results with you and advise on what modifications would benefit your car, or discuss the health of the engine.

4. Graph Print Outs supplied showing Flywheel Horsepower, Flywheel Torque (FT IB), Wheel Horsepower,  Wheel Torque (FT IB)

Rolling Road Power Run Sessions From 2WD £49 - 4WD £89

Open: Mon - Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm

Call: 0121 328 8218

Email: info@tiptopexhausts.com

Address: 525 Lichfield Rd, Birmingham, B6 7SP