A cat-back exhaust system refers to the exhaust just after the catalytic converter. You are having a cat-back exhaust system built which does not affect the emissions controls. It also means that new vehicles still under manufacturer’s warranty can have this section changed without it affecting their warranty, if in doubt, please confirm this with your vehicle supplier before authorising any work.

When manufacturers build an exhaust system, better-quality steel is used on the manifold and downpipe, up to the catalytic converter, after that the material is of inferior quality and prone to faster deterioration which will need replacing. If a vehicle has had some significant upgrades, for example, a larger turbo or a supercharger installed you will benefit from having a larger diameter downpipe. You can discuss this with the exhaust technician who will be better positioned to advise you when you bring your car to us.

There are many advantages to having custom-built stainless steel cat-back exhaust system built; the options are endless, change from a single exit to a dual exit, install a valve which allows you to be quiet when you choose or loud at the flick of a button. With speed bumps getting higher and higher, we built it for maximum clearance, especially when vehicles are modified, this can be a significant advantage.

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