We can supply catalytic converters for all makes and models of vehicles, usually at the fraction of the cost on main dealers prices. We stock a wide range of catalytic converters in house, and can usually supply a new cataytic converter same day. This can take from as little as 1-2hours. Rather than buy an expensive complete exhaust section with your catalytic converter, we can modify your original exhaust fitting a new catalytic conver in its place, saving time and money. In some cases your catalytic converter may be repairable. We offer a 12 month warrary with all our catalytic converters & 6 month warranty for repairs. We can repair or replace Lamba / O2 sensors and fit other exhaust sensors such as exhaust gas temperature sensors if needed. We stock exhaust flexi pipes too, if this part is damaged and needs a replacement we can get this fitted along with your new catalytic converter, ensuring your exhaust is back to tiptop condition.

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