Here at Tiptop, our diesel particulate filter cleaning service utilizes the most sophisticated soot removal equipment available today, and is truly superior. We can have you back on the road, DPF problem free within 2-3hours. *Most vehicles


Why choose Tiptop? It's simple, we carry out the whole procedure from start to finish in house and guarantee you leave DPF problem free. No running between different garages, costing you more time and money!


Diagnostics & DPF Load Check. This will identify if any faults have caused the filter to block, and inspection of the load within the DPF is carried out, with our main dealer level diagnostics equipment. Please note, the DPF can block due to many factors. Once happy the DPF clean will fix your DPF problem, we can move onto the next step.


The most cost effective solution for the troublesome diesel particulate filter. We offer the complete drive in, drive out DPF cleaning service. We guarantee to fix your DPF problem.


The DPF cleaning process. This involves spraying the DPF clean liquid directly onto the surface of the particle filter at high pressure. With our system being manually operated, this allows our skilled technicians to concentrate on those cells that require a deep and thorough clean. As a result, our customers get a filter that will far outlast the competition whose protocol is to automatically bake diesel particulate filters, and in turn can fracture the DPF unit itself. In some cases, your DPF will need removing from the vehicle, for processing in our state of the art DPF clean machine, this is at no extra charge.


 The DPF flushing process. This uses a DPF flushing liquid, which again is run at a high pressure. The particulate deposits are dissolved during the cleaning process and distributed around the diesel particle filter, these will be flushed out of the system during this part of the procedure, any remaining deposits will then be burnt off as part of a regeneration in the next step.


Final Diagnostics & DPF Load Check. We will carry out a regeneration according to the manufacturers' instruction.

Once complete the final diagnostics is carried out and a confirmation of the new load in the DPF system will be printed. All DPF related fault lights will be OFF, and a test drive of the vehicle will be carried out, to ensure it is operating correctly. This procedure usually takes 2-3hours.

DPF Infomation

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is designed to reduce the soot emissions from your vehicles exhaust by up to 80%. DPFs were introduced following the ‘Euro 5’ standards coming into force and are required to be in good order for your MOT.

A DPF works by trapping bits of soot in the exhaust. The DPF is structured like a series of honeycomb filters that stop the soot passing all the way through the filter therefore reducing emissions.

DPF blockages are common in this fairly new technology, especially when your vehicle is used to travel frequent short distances. As the filter accumulates more soot particles and comes to the point of a blockage, warning lights will appear and a loss in power will be felt. Common warning lights are the engine management light, glow plug light & the DPF symbol itself. If left and continuously driven, this will cause damage to other parts i.e. EGR Valve, Exhaust Sensors, Turbo Seals, the list goes on.. This can be very expensive indeed!

Why Tiptop Exhausts

Here at Tiptop Exhausts we have the right DPF solution for you, offering you the best service, at an affordable price! We are based in the West Midlands and have over 25 years experience in the exhaust industry, with our craftsmen at the forefront of exhaust design. We also offer complete tuning services on our 4WD rolling road dyno rated to 2000hp. From start to finish, our work is all done in house within our fully fitted workshop which can hold up to 10 cars at any one time.

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