Most modern turbo-diesel engines are fitted with a DPF system, that will need to be replaced when it becomes overloaded. We offer the modification of your DPF so it will not get blocked again. This is for track use only. We can have your vehicle fixed and back on the road same day with with our 3 simple steps:


1. Diagnostics Check - We carry out a full diagnostics scan with our main dealer level equipment.


2. Exhaust Modify - The DPF is then modified in the exhaust system so it will not get blocked again.


4. ECU Flash - This is done by deactivating the various DPF functions within the ECU using the latest ECU remapping technology. Optional ECU Remap & EGR Delete Software please ask.

*Dependent on vehicle and availability. We strongly advise that before any procedure like this which changes the emission level of a vehicle, you take steps to ensure you are not going to breach your countries laws or emissions regulations. 

Generally a Diesel Particulate Filter has a life span of around 75,000 miles, although this varies dependent on vehicle use and the condition of the engine.  The filter is used to store particulate matter which is burnt into a finer soot through a regeneration process instructed by the ECU, as this soot is never completely removed from the filter it becomes blocked, in turn preventing the regeneration from being able to take place and your vehicle will enter limp mode.

If you choose to remove your DPF as a solution to this problem, you will need to have your ECU remapped to remove any DPF related functions from the vehicle’s software.  This is the most imperative part of the process and it is vital that the ECU is reprogramed properly or your DPF issues will not be resolved.  By remapping the ECU after removal of your DPF, it will stop the vehicle from sensing the removed filter and prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights.  We will also remap your ECU for better fuel efficiency and performance at the same time.

Improve performance & fuel economy. Reduce turbo lag & vehicle repair costs. Prolong engine & turbo life with reduced backpressure.


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