This includes carrying out the following procedure:


1. First Diagnostics Check - Once we are happy you have a

blocked filter, we will then go on with the procedure. Any non

related DPF faults will be reported.


2. Removal of the Old DPF System - Our well trained technicians will carefully remove the DPF unit and sensors, including cleaning them, ready for the next step of the procedure.


3. Stainless Steel DPF System Installed & Oil Change - We fit your brand new DPF unit, refit your clean sensors and change the oil.


4. ECU Recalibration - Now the important bit, we will reset the DPF counters and remove any DPF related faults, this will remove all fault lights related to the DPF and will ensure your out of "limp mode". You also have the option of a remap giving further power gains and improve fuel economy, more info.


5. Road or Dyno Test - We will ensure your vehicle is work correctly by giving it a road test, with diagnostics equipment plugged in, and run

live data logs.


6. Final Diagnostics Check - Any other non related

DPF faults will be reported



This takes approx. 3-4hours


2 year / 30,000 Mile No Quibble Warranty

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