Running your vehicle can be expensive enough, coupled with fuel prices frequently on the up, an Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham economy remap could be just what you are looking for.  By increasing the torque at the bottom of the rev range you will find that you need less throttle to accelerate and maintain steady speeds, thus reducing your fuel consumption and carbon footprint too.

Manufacturers limit the power and mpg of vehicles to conform to the various markets they encounter around the world, due to diverse fuel grades and various other factors.  Without these constraints we are able to optimise our economy remaps to enhance fuel efficiency further whilst simultaneously increasing power too.


Turbo diesels respond best to our economy remaps, which can save you up to 20% in fuel efficiency, meaning you will pay yourself back in no time.  It will also enable the vehicle to be driven in higher gears at slower speeds in turn lowering the revs, which also applies when driving with heavy loads and towing.

Fuel Efficiency One of our economy remaps will improve your fuel consumption by up to 20%. Enhanced Performance Low end torque and power delivery will also be enhanced. Save Money Your improved MPG will mean you’ll be refilling the tank less often.

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