Manufacturers have had to develop the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system in order to meet emission targets set by the EU and other Governmental bodies.  As part of this initiative, EGR valves are fitted to vehicles to reduce their emissions, however this is impacting upon the efficiency and reliability of the engine. We offer a full EGR bypass service which will improve efficiency and help you to avoid the expensive repair bills and reliability issues the EGR valve is causing.

EGR valves are installed by manufacturers to decrease the amount of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) released by the vehicle.  However, when the dirty exhaust gasses clog up the valve, it can get stuck in the open position and starve the engine of oxygen.  This results in a sluggish and inefficient vehicle, and in some cases the vehicle can become practically un-driveable.

Firstly, if carbon build up has occurred and the EGR valve cannot fully close, then it is blanked to stop any exhaust gasses from flowing through the valve and entering the intake system.  Then we remap the ECU to remove the EGR functions from the software, or electronically programme it to remain closed at all times. We can also remap the vehicle for performance and fuel efficiency gains at the same time.

Improve power delivery & fuel efficiency. Reduce performance flatspots & maintenance costs. Prolong engine & Turbo life with a cleaner intake system

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