Are you ready to experience your vehicle's full potential?  The impressive power and torque gains that an Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham remap provides will overhaul your driving experience and leave you feeling like you have a new car!  Throttle response and acceleration speed will be improved, frequently fuel economy can be enhanced too, and we do all of this without impairing the manufacturer reliability or service schedule.

You may be wondering if it is safe to adjust the limits of your vehicle and why it was restricted in the first place.  The reason for this is that manufacturers need to create a "one size fits all" when developing their engines in order to meet a wide range of regulations and climates across the globe, and so they limit the power and mpg via the ECU to achieve this.  As we don't have these limitations, Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham is able to fine tune your vehicle, and by safely modifying the power and torque outputs with our specialised remapping, we can unleash your engine's capabilities and provide the performance you are looking for.

Stage 1 - Designed for a stock vehicle & requires no engine modifications​. Stage 2 - Requires upgraded parts such as exhaust system & intercooler upgrades​. Stage 3 - Requires many upgraded parts & a custom rolling road remap.

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