As specialists in the performance remapping of engine management systems, we are able to provide a wide range of add-ons to your remap, from launch control to rev limiter adjustments.  These advance tuning extras can often be included at no additional charge with one of our remaps, take a look at the options we have available below to see how we can take your vehicle tuning to the next level.

Swirl Flap Delete

We can deactivate the swirl flap function in the ECU, in many cases saving you money on large repair costs. Commonly found on VAG group vehicles.

O2 Lamba Delete

We can remove lamba O2 sensors fault codes within the ECU to keep off the engine warning light, if you have modified your exhaust system.

DTC Fault Code Delete

If you have a fault code on the ECU causing an engine light, but not impairing engine performance or efficiency, then we can remove this from the ECU.

Start Stop Disable

We can electronically disable the start stop function in the ECU and code out any related DTC fault codes that maybe associated with the system.

Adblue Disable

We can disable the ad blue system entirely for most vehicles and commercials up to date, and we can code out any faults relating to the ad blue function.

Hot Start Fix

We can recalibrate engine maps to prevent non starting issues when the engine is  hot. This is a reliable solution for an inconvenient problem.

Launch Control

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still. We can apply this function to a wide variety of vehicles.

Pop / Bang Limiter

We can supply the petrol pop bang limiter for many vehicles up to date. In many cases we can make this function switchable. Supporting modifications needed.

Popcorn Limiter

We can supply diesel popcorn limiters on many vehicles up to date. You must have supporting exhaust modifications for us to enable the popcorn limiter.

Rev Limiter Adjustment

We can adjust rev limits and increase them on a variety of vehicles up to present. We recalibrate engine maps to compensate the higher rev range.

MAF Delete

We can disable the MAF sensor from the vehicles ECU and any related fault codes. This is only recommened on highly tuned & race vehicles.

Speed Limiter Removal

Speed limiters are often applied at factory, for example many BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles have a factory set speed limit of 155 MPH, or a limiter may have been set at a later date by a third party.  We are able to amend the ECU settings to remove or adjust speed limiters from most vehicles up to date, which ensures safer overtaking and a better driving experience.  We include this modification free of charge when you purchase an Tiptop Exhausts Birmingham remap and we can also set speed limiters for fleet and commercial vehicles when required. 

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